Version 0.7 of DinoRawr check it out here!

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  • Links to Facebook, Twitter and Website
  • Can now finish a level from killing a boss, and finding an item
  • Enemies drop their gear, but not weapons
  • Fire rate on staff is faster
  • Added player selection
  • Different difficulties
  • Strength is now a thing
  • Enemies drop coins
  • Meat eaters get hearts from killing things
  • Changed the boss
  • Has a box saying what you need to do at the start of the level
  • Added Terry and Sally
  • Added more sounds
  • Graphics overhaul
  • Plus other things i have forgoten

Dino Announcement

For those that get bored of reading skip stright to the video for the annoucement.

A few weeks ago we posted a Straw Poll for the next Dino’s you would like to see! On Friday we selected the top two Dino’s leading in the straw poll. Which is the Stegosaurus and T-Rex!

We are planning on impletmenting some slight mechanic changes for each Dino to make each one unique to play. At the moment for the T-Rex we are planning to implement a carnivore mechanic where hearts drop from defeating enimies rather then the herbivore mechanic currently in place where hearts drop from destroying bushes.

If your sad to see the Dinos you voted for didn’t make it through don’t worry! There will still be plenty of opportunity to vote your Dino into the game before offical release. If you would like to see other Dinos included on the next character Straw Poll that were not on the first one please feel free to contact us via Twitter: @blinkbyte Facebook: BlinkByte or email: media@blinkbyte.co.uk with your suggestions.



Version 0.6 of DinoRawr check it out here!

Click here to play



  • Added a Mini Map on pause.
  • Added support for controllers.
  • Gear now shows stats on pickup.
  • On completing a game now says score got.
  • Can now change the colour of the Dino in the Customization menu.
  • Removed special attack as no one was using it / wasn’t worth using.
  • Split Meanbeans in to type by colour and changed there stats accordingly.
  • Message now appears on screen when end of level portal appears (known bug – flashes up again when you go though the portal).