Sword swinging, fireball shooting, slime killing, dungeon crawling, loot hoarding oh and you are a dinosaur, and you look fabulous.


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Take a trip through the tale of the Dinorawr and help our young hero conquer the menacing mean jelly beans which have conquered the land. Conquer the portals to gain score, collect lush loot and equip the finest of beards the land has to offer.
Dinorawr is an action packed roguelike dungeon crawler. It started life as a Ludum dare entry created by two people; BlinkByte head James Sandford and Andrew Bishop a friend to the company. Since that time it has been added to and improved to create a much fuller and more enjoyable game.
Experience procedurally generated levels each with a random objective to complete, as you advance down the levels your fearless dino will be met with harder and harder challenges to overcome. Fight menacing bosses, find the hidden treasures of your dino tribe, defeat the invading enemy hordes all with the goal of finding out what is happening to your world and to stop it from happening.
Now fighting bad guys is fun naked but it’s even better whilst wearing a top hat, monocle and sporting a magnificent moustache. That isn’t your style? Well then perhaps a wizards hat is more to your suiting or maybe don a robin hood hat whilst wearing shades, the combinations are limitless (Disclaimer- may not be limitless). These accessories are not just for show either, they give stats to boost your power, they are both stylish and practical.
Looking good is only the first step in saving the world, the next is being equipped to fight anyone who gets in your way. Fight enemies using an array of deadly weapons including swords, staffs, spears, shurikens and more. The swords have a short ranged arc attack, the staffs fire a medium ranged hard hitting projectile, the spear is a medium ranged melee attack focused in a line and the shurikens are a fast firing projectile attack.


The Dinos

DinoBadgeBlinkByte Dino– He’s just your average dino who has tasked himself to find out what is happening to his world. He doesn’t hit particularly hard and he isn’t the best at taking a hit, but he tries really hard, so that has to count for something.
TerryBadgeBlinkByte1 Terry– Now he’s a much stronger dino, when he hits, he hits hard. Sadly due to him killing anything he hit with one mighty blow he has never learned to take the blow himself so he is quicker to fall if swarmed, however due to being a large carnivore he just eats his fallen foes and feels much better about the whole situation.
SallyBadgeBlinkbyte1 Sally– She is the opposite of Terry, throughout life she has learned to take a hit and just shrug it off, she doesn’t care much for fighting so has never really learned how to, but when it comes down to it she is ready and willing to defend what she cares about.

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